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Join us to build amazing computer vision apps in hours not months

Video Analytics Hackathon

Virtual hackathon where you’re given the challenge to solve a real-world problem

Hackathon starts in


We Provide Everything Necessary for Hackathon


All the tools and packages necessary for the hackathon will be preinstalled and read to go.


Hackathons can run on either your datasets or RocketML provided Public datasets.

HPC Compute

Access to modern compute on Cloud - Both CPU clusters as well as GPU cluster


Team of Machine Learning experts will guide the participants

About Video Analytics

Videos are rich in information that can be converted into highly valuable data and applications. This hackathon is intended to help speed up your learning or showcase your skills in machine learning. Trust us, speed helps! It is the most important UX for Machine Learning.

Where and When

Oct,  03 - Oct 04, RocketML Virtual

Who is this Hackathon for

Data Scientists

You'll learn how to build impactful applications from video datasets at scale without having to learn High Performance Computing basics.

Data Engineers

You'll become familiar with many of the basic video dataset challenges and how proficient data pipelines can be built at scale to real time applications

Business Analysts

You'll learn several interesting aspects of video data and be able to make use of existing video analytics models and assess business value of video data feeds

Software Engineers

You'll learn the basics of machine learning on Video data and be able to visualize its use in end applications.


Santi Adavani

CTO, RocketML

Data Scientist, ML engineer


Vinay Rao

CEO, RocketML

Data Scientist

Margaret Maynard-Reid

Google Developer Expert

Data scientist