Fastest Way To Build

Machine Learning Models and AI Applications

End to End Machine Learning Platform for any size data

Technology built for speed and success

Open and No Permission Environment

RocketML comes pre-configured with about 200 Tools and Frameworks ranging from Distributed Compute platform Dask, GPU optimized Rapids, Tensorflow, Tensorboard and PyTorch. Everything accessible via web browser in a Jupyter Notebook or VSCode Environment enabling variety of tasks ranging from Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis and Model building at scale.

High Performance Compute System

With cluster computing-first philosophy, RocketML is built from ground up utilizing High Performance Compute technology stack like MPI, higher order optimization methods, distributed dense and sparse linear algebra and a unique set of high performance algorithms. The end result is customers and users save more than 50% time and money compared to any Distributed Machine Learning platform alternatives.

Fast Prototyping on Cloud

Building an ML based application is a lengthy process with many wheels within wheels. RocketML comes preloaded with state of art pre-build models. If there is an already build model available for use, it saves enormous amount of time and money for Data Scientists. With multi-cloud support, users can access best and tested pre-built models and advance their application rapidly. Distributed cloud system architecture further enables Data Scientists to connect various pipelines into a complete application that can be demonstrated to management before moving to production.