Lead the Revolution

Build SciML models that speed up simulations 100x to 1000x 

Build it Yourself

Tired of reading papers that claim all kinds breakthroughs & improvements? Build it yourself! Be the change agent. Our platform enables all necessary functionality to solve PDEs and ODEs using Deep Learning methods.

Build Your Own Neural PDE solvers

Accelerate conventional simulation runs by 300x

Distributed Multigrid Neural Solver

3D Poisson equation over Megavoxel domains

Build Surrogate SciML models

Accelerate your traditional numerical methods with machine learning approximated models by orders of magnitude.

Don't compromise: Go for Large Scale

Real world problems that matter tend to be large scale in nature. In one click users can scale linearly to a cluster of GPU or CPU . No HPC skills required.

Topology Optimization

Get your product to market faster with the confidence that your ML optimized designs meet certification requirements

track for Model Uncertainty

All models are approximations of reality. Uncertainty quantification helps build and select better performing the model.

HPC infrastrcuture

RocketML abstracts out all cloud & HPC complexities. Researchers can just focus on evaluation, design and control of complex systems.

Digital Twins

Combine models with Rocketml pipeline studio to discover missing physics and generate digital twins.

Attend Seminar

Attend a full day SciML technical seminar with opportunity for hands on learning at the upcoming SuperComputing Conference in Nov, 2021

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Scientific Machine Learning is a burgeoning discipline which blends scientific computing and machine learning. It offers the greatest opportunity to solve major problems and design better engineered systems. Time is now!

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