Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin RocketML team in Houston next week presenting at the Oil and Gas Conference hosted by Rice University. We will be spilling beans on “Breaking GPU memory wall” with RocketML technology. #ML #AI #oilandgas #hpc #simulations #deeplearning #datascience #supercomputing #seismic cc Santi Adavani Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

There is always some kind of legacy software that is hindering companies & IT departments. Legacy software is the reason for TRILLION dollar #DigitalTransformation industry! In the current ongoing AI revolution, as long as companies stay on legacy Spark/Hadoop systems, they are missing out on efficiency & growth. Data Analysts/Scientists often use tools like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, […]

1 year ago     Machine Learning not a panacea. About a year ago, Len Jordan, Managing director at Seattle based Madrona Ventures Group, upon finding out, we make a ML software product, looked me in the eye and said, “Vinay, I am not an expert in Machine Learning. What you have to do is – […]

What does Optimizing HPC architecture for AI convergence mean? Intel Corporation has a nice solution brief on Optimizing #HPC architecture for #AI convergence. Key points/steps according to Intel are, 1. Understand the current capabilities of your HPC 2. Evaluate the various AI frameworks and libraries 3. Ensure the AI framework(s) you choose are optimized 4. If you choose to develop […]

Yes… RocketML grew a bit of unicorn tusk in 2019 — although by a hair thickness! Beginning of the new year, we received great news — “equity free” funding from National Science Foundation! #NSF-funded During these formative years, the funding from NSF, will help us significantly in enabling us to hire talent and have the […]

We will be at AI conference during April 16-19 in NY City, delivering a talk. Come and join us! Want to meet and learn about how to scale your Machine Learning, how to Secure your data without slowing down Data Scientists, how to eliminate bias in data and build ethical AI? Please setup a meeting […]

Today at AWS reinvent, Amazon announced a marketplace for NEW – Machine Learning algorithms and model packages! Kudos to my team, #RocketML now has the highest number of algorithms on AWS machine learning marketplace! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin