What is #HPC (High Performance Computing)? Who uses them? It is a secret weapon that no one talks about! While HPC started out for large scale computing on SuperComputers, the technology has trickled down to smaller applications & data centers. Currently, HPC is undergoing couple of twists: First, it is now on public cloud. Companies can have SuperComputers at their disposal “on demand” without heavy capital investments. Second, it has become most efficient refinery for data crunching particularly for scientific research and #AI (#MachineLearning) For many organization, HPC has become essential particularly because data sizes have grown exponentially. #Bigdata demands more compute. Companies who use HPC usually don’t talk about it. Why? It gives them a competitive advantage. Your competitor may be using HPC right now. Of one thing you can be sure; they are designing new products, optimizing manufacturing, supply chain, automating with data driven approaches, all in an effort to become more competitive, profitable, and yes – “environmentally friendly”. HPC may very well be the new secret weapon. It saves cost and energy without sacrificing business goals Check out Andrew Ng’s youtube that inspired us to build RocketML!! 🙂