There is always some kind of legacy software that is hindering companies & IT departments. Legacy software is the reason for TRILLION dollar #DigitalTransformation industry! In the current ongoing AI revolution, as long as companies stay on legacy Spark/Hadoop systems, they are missing out on efficiency & growth. Data Analysts/Scientists often use tools like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Numpy, and the rest of the #Python ecosystem to analyze data. They like these tools because they are efficient, intuitive, and widely trusted. But with #BIGDATA, the bottleneck is that the data would not fit into RAM. Dask provides ways to scale Pandas, #Scikit-Learn, and Numpy workflows with minimal rewriting. #Dask supports the #Pandas dataframe and #Numpy array data structures and is able to scale to multiple machines… these days, that is best done on cloud on demand compute for pennies. With #RocketML its easy to have Dask on #HPC cluster scaling to 1000’s of nodes with a simple click of a button. Reach out to me if you want a demo.. #reasontoswitch #cloudcomputing