Introducing RocketML

Fastest Computational Engine for Machine Learning

Speed is the new UX for ML

Built for Data Scientists and Developers

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Rocket Fast Backend

HPC infrastructure built from ground up to optimize every millisecond, so that data scientists never have to downsample.

benefits of product

Application-Oriented Toolkits

Incorporates automatic feature engineering, model selection, and machine specific to the application.

benefits of product

Developer Friendly API

Seamlessly blend ETL, interactive queries, machine learning using SQL, Python, Java, R, or Scala.


Push to the Limits of Amdahl's law

In computer architecture, Amdahl's law is used to predict the theoretical speedup when using multiple processors. RocketML is built to scale by eliminating weak links. Every component is tuned so that the system is pushed to the limits of Amdahl's law. In essence everybody who uses RocketML gets a supercomputer at their disposal!


Simplified Model discovery process

To find the best model for a problem, data scientists try out different algorithms. With RocketML, they don't have to. It is like a Hyperloop solution to go from point A to point Z. Simplified workflow yields new benefits like,

  • Reduces the fatigue on Data Scientists
  • Lowers the bar on skill required
  • Improves accuracy of results

Familiar Frameworks for Ease of Use

RocketML uses familiar APIs from popular data science open source tools like Pandas, Scikit and Spark. It supports multiple languages SQL, Python, Java, Scala and R, so that Data scientists and Developers don’t have to learn a new system.

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